How forming a narrative can help your team understand an abstract problem.

How the strongest design strategy starts with clear communication.

How data prioritizes what’s important and helps suppress the loudest voice in the room.

Donald trump getting punched in the mouth by a voter.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

How Mercedes MBUX reminds me that my Toyota RAV 4 makes me think too much.

vector graphic of a talk bubble stating, don’t make me think.

How the guise of personally curating our digital experience has created a monster.

Using your research skills to create other opportunities outside of design

Etching and engraving Globe with Mapping Instruments
Globe with Mapping Instruments-Edme Bouchardon.

And other sexy design decisions — it just works, right?

Josh Hild — Via Unsplash.

I want to love Anchor, but they need a Usability Heuristics overhaul first.

As reported by Binance 2021 Global Crypto User Index

Derailment can happen to the best of us — and not every train wreck can or should be fixed, but you should know where the project went off track.

Josh Andrus

UX Designer w/ a background as a photographer and digital artist. I’m a visual storyteller dedicated to solving complex problems & producing creative solutions.

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